Fourth Fleet

Admiral of the Black: Admiral Countess Fiona Correnna

The Fourth Fleet is not organized into Flights or divisions. Some say it is not organized at all, but the truth is it is that Countess Correnna is sorely pressed to cover all her mission profiles with the ships she has. Note that any capital ships will be always attended by 5-10 Milchcow Support Craft, but Hospital Ships may be few and far between.

5 Superdreadnaughts (Called Pyras, Aithras, Petras, Lasca and Ethras...all members of the Elemental-class of Superdreadnaughts, the newest of those kind)
18 Dreadnaughts
3 SAC Strike Carriers
20 Battleships
16 Destroyers
52 Frigates, including the Dauntless
86 Light Attack Cruisers
120 Milchcow and Support Craft
5 Hospital Ships - these are primarily used for "humanitarian aid" missions and diplomacy.
12 Fast Packet Courier Boats


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