The Fireside turned out to be the biggest building at camp.

There were four floors visible, with many wrap-around porches, some screened in. Glass walls on the sides facing the lake so you can take in the view.

It doubled as a security station, a storm shelter, an administrative building, a backup housing unit, a cafeteria, a temple or church. It had many classrooms, conference rooms, small private rooms, lounge-like areas with fireplaces.

In the center of the building, in what effectively was the sub-basement, was a large circular room that had a single firepit which always had at least one fire burning, even in the height of summer. That level of the building was earth-sheltered, and maintained an average temperature of 55-57 F (13-14 C) all year round, so the fire was welcome and kept things cozy. Ventilation made sure the smoke swirled upward and out the chimney in the roof.

Above that floor was the Atrium (the chimney forming a central cylinder that vented in the roof). The Atrium had four fireplaces at the cardinal points of North, East, South, and West, though not all were lit at all times.

Near the North Fireplace is a cafe and there are cafe tables and chairs here, good for mixing and mingling. A dance floor was to the south, with a full DJ soundsystem. East were conversation nooks, looking like people-shelves, places where folks could meet and talk. West was the glassed over stream, with beautiful fish swimming underneath, and meditation and reading areas.

The offices were on the next level up, in the ring formed by balconies one floor up, and the conference rooms and other areas were the next ring up, finally ending with the skydome and observatory at the very top.

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