Fidchyll is a two-player boardgame. There are three layers of board: the Underworld, the Land, and the Sky. There are 32 pieces per player, like so:

8 Kerns (Single Soldier pawns)

2 Gryphon Riders
2 Landwyrms

4 Miner / Sappers

2 Broadsword Knights

2 Duello Knights

2 Wizards

2 Enchanters

2 Druids

2 Rogues

1 Priestess of the Air
1 Priestess of the Night
1 Lord
1 Lady

The object of the game is to gather victory points that are awarded to the opponent defeating a piece in just combat. Each piece has different strengths, weaknesses, and movement modes. The Lord and Lady are worth the most points and can alter the abilities or strengths of other pieces merely by being near them.

There are some variants. Lunargenti Fidchyll will often allow for the summoning of new pieces (such as the Elementals, Daemons, or Noble Animals) or resurrection of other pieces. Erendani Fidchyll places the entire game in the Underworld with three levels: Upper, Middle and Lower, and there are different values for different pieces. A simplified version of the game, called Chell, is played in Yaria and only uses the Land board and 16 pieces per side.

This self-contained microcosm of a war-game is a favorite with many nobles, although the existence of open gaming halls have allowed even poorer citizens the chance to learn and play the game.
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