Lt. Commander Elliott Gerald Kincaid currently serves as ESA (exploration, science, and astronomy) Officer aboard the Dauntless. In this capacity, his shipboard duties include responsibility for maintaining and updating logs, knowledge bases and charts, as well as coordination and oversight of all science-focused and exploratory missions. He has received training to back-stop Astrogation, Comms, and Tactical functions, and holds advanced academic degrees in chemistry, astrophysics and network engineering.

The son of ground-breaking biogeneticist Karen Marie Lanier and nanoengineer Alistair Kincaid, Elliott suffered a serious childhood accident while playing in a restricted biolab at the Royal Academy of Science, where both his parents worked. (Both his parents would eventually be forced to resign their positions in disgrace, Lanier managing to eventually rebuild her reputation with several discoveries that became extremely popular with the Star Kingdom’s nobility.) Having been left unattended in his father’s office, the young Kincaid had somehow managed—in the way children everywhere always do--to find his way into the most singularly dangerous place he possibly could.

Apparently, Elliot came into contact with an experimental nanosystem intended for the breakdown of biogenetic waste products: the excess organs, tissues and other leftovers of industrial-scale genetic engineering. The accident resulted in catastrophic trauma to the boy’s genetic integrity—beginning with his central nervous system, his cells literally began falling apart—requiring extensive and prolonged gene resequencing, nanotech augmentation and biogenetic implants (all under the supervision and oversight of his mother).

Medical protocols for many of the techniques used simply did not exist at the time, and it was only a mother’s commitment and refusal to let her son liquefy that led to the insights that would save his life. Even with this level of intervention, Elliott Kincaid emerged from the reconstruction crèche displaying significant cosmetic and neurological divergence. Particular neurological peculiarities include regular bouts of aphasia—face blindness—synaesthesia and frequent simultaneous parallel thinking, during which he can appear to be engaged in rigorous debate with himself.
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