Countess Windholme is a rare bird in Corenth, one of the most egalitarian nobles you can meet. She places a much larger store on politesse and courtesy than on the accident of one's birth, and tends to treat everyone roughly the same. Of course, that she does this from a position of privilege, supported by a wealthy husband who dotes on her, is worthy of note.

Generous to a fault with a practical turn of mind and a hedonistic streak, she enjoys throwing lavish parties. Her home, Morningside, is a landmark house along with other famous Jasquon manses like Stoneyrows, Ravenhall, and Larks Tor. It boasts the largest private garden (where the famous Windholme Midnight Rose was developed) and most no less than three water features complete with fountains. Inside, the house has a full T'yangian bathing pool, four stories, 20 bedrooms total with 4 suites, a modest ballroom / salle, with a greenhouse and observatory on top.

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