The City Watch of Jasquon

Colloquially referred to as the Duncloaks due to the golden cloak they wear, and the dun-colored stallions they ride.
The City Watch grew out of the household guard of Duke Jasquon and thus were loyal to him from the very beginning. Their motto is "Always Loyal To Serve." They are trained at Talonguard Tower along with regular Lunargenti and Corenthi battle forces. They are known for their dogged determination and resolve, but they are also known for their regular and frequent run-ins with the Royal Guard of Corenth and the Lunargenti Regular Army, not to mention a passionate dislike for the Mercenary's Guild and all the companies that work out of it.

During the Silver Occupation at the end of the Interregnum the City Watch was allowed to go forth wielding only non-edged weapons as a sign they would keep the peace. Because of this requirement, the Watch developed a telescoping mace-like weapon called a "thumper," with which they became extremely proficient after training from a T'yangian wandering monastic.

The Duncloaks have five ranks: Recruit, Officer, Sergeant, Sergeant-Major, Captain. The head of the organization is called the Chief of the Watch and holds an honorary title of Colonel in the Corenthi army.
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