The citizenry of Jasquon are known for their politesse. This is in part because of the Code Duello du Corenth, a law in Corenth that permits the fighting of duels, either to the death or to first blood. The government runs special duelling grounds that allow for two individuals to take any complaint, one against the other, and have it dealt with on the field of honor. There are no restrictions on who may use these services, but the cost of the grounds' use forbid many poorer folk from availing themselves of this law.

There are many Duelling Clubs that have formed around Jasquon civic life. For the Upper Middle Class and higher, these clubs provide a very important sub-section of their social life and identity.

Professional Duellists are not legal, however there are many such who go by the name of bodyguard, mercenary, or "protector of honor."
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