The RMS Dauntless

Polity: The Magellan Star Kingdom
Class: Dragon-class
Type: Frigate
Role: Multi-role hyper-capable naval vessel
Ship's Crew: 276 (including 128 Marines)
Tonnage: 88,000
Chakrabarti Drive: Iota Phase
KEG-M: Amidships in the "Wing" formation
Kaposi Furnace: Rated Echelon II

Current Captain: Agnatius B LaCrosse

16 Long-Range Missile Tubes
4 x-ray laser mounts
6 30 cm counterfire laser batteries
1 60 m toric ducted K-plasma cannon chase armament

Charged Pattern Duralloy Hull
4 Gravitic Buckler projectors
Anti-missile laser batteries
4 Deployable Decoys
Turtle-up Mode

Auxilliary Craft
1 Cutter Shuttlecraft
2 Pinnace

Deck Plan

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