Daniella Valentine is as white-bread as they come. Born to privilege, she attended a fancy private university, joined a sorority, became a collegiate cheerleader and later on a professional one, participated in the Miss Fancy Pants Beauty Pageant (as she describes it), and then everything came crashing down around her ears and she lost everything. She doesn't talk about what happened much, but it was only due to the influence of Wildsiders that she pulled herself out of the dark depths of despair and decided to live again.

Whatever it was that caused her to be kicked out of her previous life, she doesn't talk about it much. What happened after she came back was that she became what Izzy calls "A Little Love Bomb." Where once she was entirely selfish and self-centered, now she seems to be focused on everybody else.

She loves sex, and has many lovers of all genders, shapes and sizes. She is the self-appointed "morale officer" of the place, distributing hugs to those who want and/or need them.

It is whispered that she's still desperately in love with the man who jilted her after her catastrophe. Perhaps that's why she hasn't let anyone get close enough to be called her partner.
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