The Feast of St. Cyrwyn of Lothas is a folk festival. The present Church of Lothas does not recognize Cyrwyn as a saint, but at one point in time she was revered as the Lady of Mystery.

Cyrwyn was a cleric of Lothas who followed Lothas in her facet as the Lady of the Flame of Knowledge. She discovered many tomes of magic and soon became fascinated with the intersection of magical practice and holy liturgy. Stories about Cyrwyn always have her using her magical knowledge to change shape or disguise herself as she moves through the world, solving mysteries and discovering lost treasures.

On Cyrwyn's Night it is said that the veil between worlds is thin, and the Mystery is revealed. It is the custom among the folk to dress in costumes and masks and to play games revolving around mysteries and treasures. Fortunes are consulted and spirits are honored and perhaps even join in the celebration. Children receive small gifts of sweets, fruit, or small toys, usually puzzles.

The next day all mysteries are revealed, and even to this day in the Lothasian Church the day after Cyrwyn's Night is considered a High Holy day of Knowledge.

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