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Silver or Gold Crowns = 1 GP
[[Vandikieer]] Coins
Hexmark = 1 GP
Each Hexmark splits into 1/6th pieces and those pieces can be halved - the round and the point. They will magically heal themselves if enough bits are put together.
Most Vandimen will accept a 1/12th piece as a silver piece, but they do not use copper.
[[Duergari]] Coins
Durg Vakar = 1 GP
Utri Vakar = 1 SP
Sueg Vakar = 1 CP
Silver Crowns = 1 GP

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[[Corenthi]] Coins
[[Sydalian]] Coins
[[Yarian]] Coins
[[Erendani]] Coins
[[SkraalsDeep|Skraal's Deep]] Coins
[[StanfordHold|Stanford Hold]] Coins
Corenthi Coins
Sydalian Coins
Yarian Coins
Erendani Coins
Skraal's Deep Coins
Stanford Hold Coins

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[[Lunargenti]] Coins
Lunargenti Coins

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Silver Griffins = 1 SP
Silver Ravens = 1 SP

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