All courtesans are all a part of the Courtesan's Guild which regulates the trade (age requirements, safe word requirements, medical care, and minimum). Generally, courtesans are taught from a young age (12 is the minimum to begin training, though some have more knowledge by virtue of being born into a courtesan's home) in many skills to delight and please their patrons.

Courtesans can be men as well as women. Most courtesans belong to a house, which have various levels of prestige and reputations. Some might be known for their musical or theatrical skills, others may be known for strong passions (consensual BDSM), and so on. At the end of their apprenticeship (the minimum age to officially join the guild is 17) the courtesan must pay back the fee for their training. The guild regulates these debts to ensure that the courtesans are always cared for. Once the debt is paid the courtesan can remain with the house, or open their own salon, or leave the guild completely (they no longer can take patrons to bed if they leave the guild, though they can use their other skills in music/dance/etc).

Some courtesans become scribes, as many peasants and the lower classes do not learn their letters. Others join guilds related to their best skills. Some become official consorts or secret mistresses. Most remain in the courtesan's guild, and eventually teach the younger generations.

Courtesans are generally respected in society, at least in Jasquon, though some call them by rude names.

By ancient agreement and understanding, the TempleOfOrielle regularly certifies courtesans in the Guild as disease-free, and offer free healing including women's health services to its members, regardless of the religion of the Courtesan receiving services.

Key Terms

Patron: the person purchasing the courtesan's time/abilities
Assignation: an agreed event between patron and courtesan. There are basic contracts, but more elaborate ones can be crafted for special requests or occasions (multiple courtesans, long-term contracts, etc).
Safe word: required for any non-standard assignation.
Frip derogatory term for a courtesan apprentice - the idea is someone is a frippery, a decoration, someone useless for anything other than decoration.
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