Courtesan Guild Training Process

Every Apprentice Courtesan must be sponsored into the Guild by three sponsors, only one of whom may be related to them.

An induction ceremony called "The Honeying" is done where a member of the Guild recognizes the commitment to train a future courtesan and the apprentice agrees to obey, to learn, and to pay back her house for the training.

After Honeying, the new member is called an apprentice, or "Frip" - short for Frippery, in reference to the idea that they are basically meant to be decoration - apprentices are meant to be seen and not heard.

During their Frip experience they learn all of the physical and visual aspects of being a courtesan, how to style their hair, how to choose clothing, how to do their makeup, how to hold themselves, how to smile. They are supposed to be learning the more interactive aspects as well, listening to social cues and patterns, noting how to provide interesting conversation and actively listening.

By Guild Law there are three trials that must be successfully attempted before an apprentice can move to the rank of Artisan. These trials are administered by an Adept or Emme and are decided upon by them. Usually one of the three is a very public social event, one is a written or knowledge-based trial and the third is a surprise / secret test usually involving a test of character.

There is no standard length of training between Apprentice and Artist.

The Seven Arts
The Art of the Boards (Dancing and Singing), called "Boards"
The Art of the Boudoir (Sex), called "Pillows"
The Art of the Wardrobe (Dressing, Hair), called "Drapes"
The Art of the Buffet (Dining, drinking, flower arranging), called "Cups"
The Art of the Salon (Conversation and Flirting), called "Fans"
The Art of the Mirror (Beauty, Health, Meditation), called "Looks"
The Art of the Tableau (Acting and Drama), called "Sighs"

The Four Talents
To Please: a talent to decide what might please a client
To Direct: a talent to direct the flow of an assignation
To Yield: a talent to allow one's self to be subsumed in the experience desired for the client
To Observe: a talent to gather information about the situation and client

Recognized Courtesan Titles

Apprentice - an accepted person who is in training, also called a "Frip"
Artisan - lowest recognized courtesan member. Not fully trained in the Seven and Four. May or may not be licensed by local government. Sometimes called a "Hack" as a derogatory term.
Artist - recognized and vetted full member of the guild. Fully trained and licensed. Specializing in one of the Seven and one of the Four. There is never a requirement that an Artist becomes anything further than Artist, it is a respected title.
Adept - an artist with in the full flower of their arts. Adepts are allowed to establish chapter houses, but must become Emme level before a 5 year span is up or lose their char
Emme - fully recognized Adept who has contributed to the community of the guild at large. Called "Master" or "Mistress"

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