County Caldwell


Originally this County was created by the Duke of Northmarch and awarded to Barlas Lightwood, whose family served the crown for centuries. The Duke designated surveyors to draw the county boundaries between County Tallpyre and County Lastholt, centered around a natural bowl-shaped lake, and thus the County was called "Calder" after the lake. The new Count designated five baronies total: three to the south, the County Seat a fourth, and one to the north directly on the border, these were

Barony Lightwood, named after the legacy name of their family.
Barony Hammerfall, named after a famous smith who lived in the area.
Barony Graysides, named after deposits of mineral rich clay along a creek quarry
Barony Calderlake, named after the lake itself and serving as the county seat.
Barony Whitehold, named after a battle against Frost Giants and Icewastes tribes off the Wastes.

The Lightwood family then became the Calder family, until the time of the Interregnum, when Edvard, Count Calder was summoned by the triumverate of Dukes to answer for perceived treason against the state. The Calders were always known as loyal supporters of the Crown, due to the fact that several Lunargenti monarchs enjoyed hunting in the fief as youngsters. They were executed by the Dukes and their county dissolved as a result of their attainder.

The County was awarded to Markon Vinetooth, a loyal master of cavalry who served the War Duke. Vinetooth took the County Coronet. In order to keep the peace in the fief, Vinetooth agreed to call the county Cald-well. This was due to the fact that a well had to be dug to fill Caldron Lake after it mysteriously drained to nothing -an ill omen upon the arrival of the Vinetooth family.

The newly minted Count Caldwell divided the fief up into four baronies but failed to reconsitute the fifth barony, BaronyWhitehold, instead just making it a picket path for his regular patrols. After the first hard winter, however, Caldwell discovered his southern-bred warhorses were not fit for such frozen climes and had to send them south to a cousin or risk losing the entire herd. Count Caldwell then decided to put his brother in charge of the County and move South to be with his beloved horses, which left Trevanian, Baron Hammerfall in charge of the fief. Trevanian enjoyed the beer the fief had become famous for a bit too much and threw lots of hunting parties in lodges secreted around county lands. Trevanian was a cruel master of the fief and not well liked; his wife Irina Caldwell was a civilizing influence but was only there 9 months out of the year as the cold winters were too much for her to bear.

The village of Whithold was all that remained of the former Barony, and the Whitehold family (formerly Baron Whitehold) and that is where a young girl by the name of Rynn Barley lived, who was really Rynn Calder, daughter of the slain Edvard Calder.

During the Silver War, the Whitehold family went South to fight for Queen Aluuna and to restore her to the throne, but they were unfortunately butchered on the field of battle, three of them falling at the Battle of Seasong and two of them at Battle of Talongard Keep. Only one son, Alterion Whitehold escaped the war unscathed, and that was because his father sent him back to Whitehold lands to watch over young Rynn.

After the Interregnum came to a close and Queen Aluna took control, the Caldwells were called to justice for their participation in the war against her. Because they had been such brutal opponents and because they had violated truce and the custom of safe passage, Aluuna ruled that the Caldwells would be excised, root and branch. This left County Caldwell vacant, which is how it sits today. Tallpyre assumed the former Barony Lightwood and Hammerfall and Lastholt assumed Barony Graysides and Barony Calder Lake. The rest of the land was given to the Lunargenti Army to patrol and the Knights Justicar to govern. The village of Whithold still exists though its numbers are dwindling through the years, and the Lunargenti Army regulars have taken over Whitehold Keep as part of the Hell-Comb defense system.

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