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The [[BlacktoothOrcUprising|Blacktooth Orc Uprising]] was triggered by Kelvin Farraga, Count Ashraven. He was attainted and his cousin, Fergus, appointed as Count in his place, so at least some justice has been had. His household funds were liquidated and provided to the Baron Hart's Crossing to build the memorial there.

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Unfortunately, Fergus did not do so well as a Count, and the Crown called for his County to be revoked and to be regented by Duke Northmarch, the Ducal liege. The Farraga family dispersed, some finding a place with other rulers but Kelvin apparently was hunted by and killed by a gnaeltongue tribe by the name of Lickspire. As the county is on the border, indeed not far from Harthorn the county in which Poesy Creek resided, it has not been as prized a fief among the Peerage as you might think. Indeed, no-one has been willing to take on the County Ashraven, and it's possible the Duke Northmarch may have to appoint one of his nephews one day. For now, it is a vacant county ruled from the Ducal fief.

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Barony [[Northstar]] is here

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