Collegium Arcana

The Collegium Arcana is located near Lunargen Port in the royal district of the Silver Palace.

Each year, the Collegium sponsors a search, the purpose of which is to identify likely candidates to become wizards. Representatives from the school go forth into the land and visit many if not most of the hamlets and towns in Lunargen,collecting a group of Gather tyros. Gather tyros will then compete with each other in tests of intelligence, skill, and aptitude of magic, to determine who will be allowed to claim a seat in the 5th Circle. Each year during Testing candidates from the 5th circle enter a challenge to see who gets to be in 4th circle, and so on, until the wizard passes 1st Circle and is considered a Mage. After that, they advance according to how many other Magi they help create, or they must put their research before a Board of Knowledge, or they must defeat other Magi in single magical combat in the Grey Eye.

The Collegium Arcana was created by the Argent Collegium.
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