A Collegium is a collection of bards that exists to train other bards

Here's the collegia that make Jasquon their home:

TheGoldenLion, sponsored by King Lionsblood
TheSilverGrove, a collegium from Lunargen, has a small presence here, the largest portion of the collegium is a travelling one.
UnicornRising collegium has a conservatory here, and is attached to the University
TheLaughingOtter collegium, a largely Sydalian collegium, operates a pub house in the theater district and specializes in Sydalian music (and beer)
TheCoronetOfTheMoon collegium is registered with the Royal Office of the Exchequer as an official collegium, but nobody knows them or knows where they are housed.
PealsOfLight is a religious collegium based out of the Temple of Orielle and trains Holy Singers of Orielle.

Other Collegia of interest:

LeavesOfTruth is an archival collegium, focused on recording history and genealogical records.
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