Philomène Tysena, Courtesan and courtier
Xhan-Sui, Mistress Moth, A Wizardress of T'yang
Sytherielle Brightlove, Bard of the UnicornRising Collegium
H.P. Lovelace, dashing rogue
Colonel Jules Edgar Howard "E.H." Rider (Retired), crypt raider
Psyche Goldenfall, University Student from Lavaria

Narrator Characters

Windholme Characters

Elise, Countess Windholme of Corenth
Colonel Corwin Gyrfalcon, Count-Consort Windholme of Corenth
Branwyn, Baroness Gyrfalcon, County Heir
Lord Vanelion "Van" Gyrfalcon, University Student
Laurel Pericarde Whitcrystal, County Bard of Windholme
Magister Janisiree Valain, County Wizard of Windholme
Dame Kendra Tarell, Knight Marshall of Windholme
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