Krrf Crate:

Approximately 536 human-strength doses of krrf.

Main Chest

Goggles with red lenses for night-time work with Evocation magic - identify says it is for seeing a specific color outside the normal range of color
Book of blank pages bound to lay flat (no magic)
Silver Eagle's Talon paperweight that glows with Transmutation magic - identify says it is for floating in the air holding whatever weight is attached
Silver Eagle Talon's necklace that glows with Abjuration magic - identify says it is for keeping the paperweight nearby
Loaded Military Drakon Pistol in a holster, 40 drakon rounds, half charge (Evocation magic)
+3 Chaos Scimitar in a recall sheath with a sheath ward - identify says it's +3 and it means that Lawful aligned creatures or people take extra damage

Three pots of tattoo ink and tattoo gear

Steel Box

23 Amber-colored rough insect sculptures - abjuration magic - identify says it is for sustaining the life within
Adamantium hoop with an amethyst stone with conjuration magic - identify says its for creating a dimensional denial field
Amethyst whistle - enchantment magic -identify says it amplifies sound and increases it's beauty a specific listener
Mithril spike and hammer - evocation magic - identify it is for delivering pain energy to a specific creature
Mithril knob on a stick - abjuration magic - identify says it is for controlling the spike

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