The Bureau of Ships
BuShips is controlled, it would seem, by two factions.

The Old Guard
The Crazy Eight

The Old Guard believes that innovation in ships should be kept to a minimum. When building new ships, tried and true strategies should be maintained. That ships inform tactics, not the other way around. An Old Guard ship is easily determined by the number of missile tubes, grasers, lasers, and turbonic plasma streams they can pile on. No Old Guard ship can ever be said to have "too much ammunition."

The Crazy Eight are eight people who make up the Committee for Innovation in Shipbuilding (CIS)

They believe tactics should create ships, and that experimental does not mean faulty. They think that innovation is needed in the Navy to keep up with present and future threats. They are called "Crazy" because the ships they've managed to float have been some of the strangest looking and most difficult to manage and maintain that have ever been created.

However, it is the Crazy Eight who came up with the idea for SAC Carriers and BattleWagons, which have been instrumental in dealing with many conflicts. The SAC Carriers may soon replace dreadnoughts as the primary ship of the line.

The current fleet is caught between these two forces. One tugs them towards conservative adjustments and additional weaponry, the other tugs them towards strange new spaceframes, drive "enhancements" and "alternative weaponry."
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