The Bureau of Personnel

Often invoked as one might a whimsical and chaotic deity, BuPers is known for being the slowest moving, least clear organization to work with in the Navy. The liaison for BuPers and the ship is typically the XO, except in cases *about* the XO, in which case the Captain handles it themselves. A smart XO will find the CPO who typically does this work on their ship and engage their help. This is because the operations of BuPers are a dark art that must be mastered with years of patience and fortitude, and it's better not to have the XO's sanity threatened. Of course, if that XO was once the BuPers CPO, then the damage is already done.

BuFleet handles additions to the Captain's List, but BuPers administers them.

Each contact with a RMK system buoy will include a packet burst of BuPers information. The wheels of BuPers turn slowly, but they do turn.
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