The Bridge


CommandStation - 1 seat
AstrogationStation - 2 seats
TacticalStation - 2 seats
ESAStation - 1 seat
Engineering Repeater - 1 seat
CommsStation - 2 seats

Features of the Bridge
Primary Panel: This is a giant viewscreen. Command, Tactical, Comms, ESA, and Astrogation may all "throw" a screen of their own up onto this big screen. The screen is flexible and can roll up in situations where it is not needed, stows away in the ceiling.

These are thick transparent portholes in the bridge bulkheads. When the blast shutters are raised on the ports, you cannot see through them and it is as tough as regular hull steel. When they are lowered, you can see a full 270 arc of vision horizontally, and a full 270 degree of vision vertically. On board Dauntless the Captain has ordered the shutters permanently raised and standing orders given that it may never be lowered without express permission of the Captain. As a result they have not been lowered in 28 years except in spacedock when the technicians check that functionality. Modern ships do not have any ports at all.

Captains Spiderhole
The captain has a "spiderhole" tube that lets him descend a ladder and immediately be in his cabin, or appear on the bridge in a moment's notice.

Life Support
The entire bridge is designed to be self-contained in the event of system of ship failure, has its own internal power and life support and could be jettisoned as a lifeboat. The Navy has no such rule as "The Captain must go down with the ship"

Bridge Head
A unisex head is tucked into a corner bulkhead with a fold-down sink for face / hand washing. There is not a lot of room in there, but the ventilation system is very, very good. This is so watchstanders will not have to leave their post for long.

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