Blood Day is held the third full moon in Autumn after Cyrwyn's Day.

It is a day to commemorate the arrival of the Lunargenti Royalist forces in Jasquon, the Haven Street Massacre, and the Day of Hangings.

A group of Lunargenti cavalry rode down an unarmed peasant band on Haven Street. Not much is truly known about the happenings around this massacre: it is said that the peasants were throwing burning bottles and sharp rocks, and were brandishing poles, tools, and shortbows. They believed that the Lunargenti soldiers were there to burn down their city block, and they fought to defend their home. It was a tragic event. Only the fact that the captain of that cavalry troop, Captain Gorson Harddecker, was hung later that day for cause by his own commander kept the whole city from rioting.

The Day of Hangings proceeded from this day, 24 hours of executions that started at noon and ended at midnight on Blood Day. These were those who were rounded up in the city, commanders and merchant citizens and others who were deemed traitors and who refused to bend the knee to the Queen and her forces.

Blood Day is a solemn memorial and is observed with quiet, candles, marches through the streets. Occasionally there are fights that break out on Haven Street, but for the most part it is a peaceful and maudlin day full of nostalgia and grief.
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