The Nightward Barony is in County Lakewood on the border with County Silverleaf. The fief also borders the Mudfen Swamp and the Arras River. The Moon's Kiss is a famous inn located in the fief, and serves as an anchor for the village of Reedwhistle, the largest settlement in Barony Nightward.

A Lothasian chapel to St. Bartleby the Defender draws regular pilgrims for those in fear of their lives from dark forces, but there is also a small shrine to Orielle here and a village healer. The Chapel was built on the spot where Holy Warrior Bartleby held back an invasion of demonic creatures with a small band of faithful, thus giving the barony its name.

The Nightward family has built up the chapel to include a library and laboratory, as part of a partnership with the Lothasian Order of the Light of Knowledge of whom Baron Auberge Nightward is a member.

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