A mountainous, hilly barony located in the Borderwoods, Grayfile Keep is one of the primary elements of the Hell-Comb which is a series of interlocking castles, towers, and fields of fire designed to turn back any invader from the East or North.

The current Baron Grayfile is Graham Stormward, third-born son of Countess Stormward. Graham is away in Jasquon studying at University, so the fief is run by his appointed regent, Father Cumber who also happens to be the rector of the Forgelight Chapel, an Order of Knowledge repository of smithcraft and enchantment.

Grayfile Barony plays host to the following natural features:

Sibylrock Hill
Whitehart Forest
Caerlies Overlook
Vanoin's Spring

At one point during the Storm King's reign Sibylrock Hill was mined for mithril.
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