Archmage's Council

This is a council of archmagi that was formed for the protection and furtherance of wizardry as a whole. It was formed during the fall of the Erendani Empire with only three archmagi, the masters of Fire, Lightning, and Creation, in response to the chaos impending during that fall. Their original names were lost to history, so they are just referred to by their sphere names.

Creation was named Great Archmage and pursued finding other Archmagi for the ten centuries or so that she remained in that post. During that time the council grew from 3, to 5, to 9, to 12.

It was during this time, also, that the Compact of the Council was written. Simply put it is that the council will seek to foster communication between and amongst powerful beings, will seek to stop any apocalyptic or catastrophic powers from wreaking havoc, and protect the source, use, and knowledge of all things arcane. This might sound simple, but in fact it has been very difficult and fraught with a lot of trouble.

The compact directs the Council to choose a leader among them who's only duty will be to break ties in the event of an even number, or to cast the final vote in the event of an odd number of council members. This person is called the Grand Archmage and is given the title Grand Magus.

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